Anonymous Launches Cyberattacks Against India

Websites belonging to India’s Supreme Court, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Department of Telecommunications, and both of the nation’s political parties were targets of an Anonymous-led hacking attack, BBC News and SecurityNewsDaily reported Friday.

The distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks were in retaliation for an injunction, obtained March 29 by an Indian court, forcing ISPs throughout the country to block video-sharing websites including Dailymotion, isoHunt, The Pirate Bay, Vimeo, and others, Matt Liebowitz of SecurityNews Daily explained.

The injunction resulted from Copyright Labs’ complaints related to illegal sharing of the Bollywood movies ’3′ and ‘Dhammu,’ the British news organization added. The website of that Chennai-based company was also “down for maintenance” during the attacks, the BBC added.

Liebowitz noted that all of the targeted pages were up and running as of Friday afternoon, but the Copyright Labs website included a “down for maintenance” notice as of 4:36am Eastern Sunday.

According to Liebowitz, Anonymous first threatened this action in a YouTube video posted May 9, in which they said that they had been “noticing the actions of Indian government from past many years… We have come to a conclusion that the Indian government has failed. It is time that we all rise and stand against the corrupt government.” In a digitized voice, the video’s narrator said that Anonymous “cannot let this happen … We must fight against censorship” and dubbing the campaign “OpIndia.”

In a Thursday article, PCMag‘s Chloe Albanesius wrote that the hacking collective was promising to continue attacking the targeted websites, writing on Twitter that they were not sure how long that they could keep sites down, but that they were “firing at them” and that the Internet sites receiving the DDoS attacks would “face lags.”

As previously reported here at RedOrbit, The Pirate Bay itself was recently the victim of a cyberattack. The DDoS attacks against the torrent site lasted at least 24 hours before the site was knocked out of commission.

On Wednesday a hacker named ‘Nyre’ claimed responsibility for the electronic assault, Liebowitz said. Nyre said that he is not affiliated with Anonymous and is, in fact, opposed to the group, calling himself “a one-man army” and stating that Pirate Bay was targeted because it “was a press-release website for Anonymous.”

Source: redOrbit (, RedOrbit Staff & Wire Reports,

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