ARMORLOGIC – Releases Profense™ Web Application Firewall Version 3.0 with Improved Performance and Scalability

Armorlogic, makers of Profense™ web application firewalls, today announced the release of a new version of Profense with enhanced performance metrics and security features together with industry leading load balancing and acceleration. The greatest advancement in Profense 3.0 is the processing performance improvements. Profense 3.0 will process over 20,000 requests per second and scales with the hardware on which it is deployed.

Additional and improved new features and benefits include:

•      SSL Client Authentication, Authorization, and Certificate Forwarding – allowing web sites using SSL client authentication protection by Profense WAF operating in reverse proxy mode and therefore PCI DSS compliance.
•     HTTP request throttling and connection limiting – improved protection against rate based attacks such as denial of service and brute force attempts, and insurance that resources are equally shared in peak situations.
•     Fine grained control over what to block and what to log – access to your web applications by customers is crucial to most businesses. The improved granularity levels allow you to control exactly what violations get blocked and put specific web applications in observation mode before switching to blocking, without affecting the blocking rules for other applications..
•     Enhanced concurrency – Profense WAF is based on an event driven framework so it can handle a practically unlimited number of concurrent requests. This improves the websites ability to handle a sudden rise in popularity, the slash-dot effect.
•     Profense 3.0 is now based on a 64-bit operating system allowing better hardware utilization and scalability.

“Version 3.0’s enhanced performance puts it in a class by itself”, said Jakob Gercke, Vice President of Development. “Profense has always compared favorably to other Web Application Firewalls in terms of price, features, functionality and ease of use, and now it surpasses the performance levels of products costing 10 times the amount”.

Profense Web Application Firewall allows users to quickly, easily and affordably:
•      Comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) version 2.0, section 6.5 and 6.6;
•     Protect against Web-based attacks, including the OWASP Top Ten vulnerabilities, on mission critical applications;
•     Securely deploy web sites and applications;
•     Simplify ongoing Web security management with easy administrative tools and reporting, and the ability to work with SOAP, JSON and XML-RPC.

The full featured, complete and powerful standalone Profense Web Application Firewall, which provides full PCI DSS compliance, is priced at $2995. In addition to installation in the production environment, additional nodes are also allowed at no extra cost in the development and staging environment so the WAF can be integrated all the way through the development process without having to short circuit the environments or having to buy an extra WAF. For a full list of features and capabilities, or to download a full free trial version, please visit


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